Setting up Tokenization Platforms in Four Steps

And what regulatory benefits
Germany offers


Tokenization Platforms in Germany

With blockchain-based digitization of capital markets, basically any type of asset can be digitally mapped via tokenized investment products. Accordingly, in this new disruptive industry, one use case has become particularly prevalent: tokenization platforms. Namely, tokenization allows assets to be fractionalized, which enables both institutional investors and retail investors to invest with comparatively small amounts. Market participants who now want to offer such investments in tokenized assets via an innovative business model must incorporate technological, regulatory and business strategy considerations into their strategy.

And in detail?

Setting up tokenization platforms in 4 steps. In our latest German whitepaper, we answer this question and more. With your download, you get our compact step-by-step guide for setting up your own tokenization platform in Germany – from your business model to your distribution strategy. 

the success factors for your own platform summarized

The 4 Pillars of Success
for Tokenization Platforms


1. Business Model and Assets-Definition

In order for an tokenization platform to get off to a good start, the first step must be successful structuring. This involves, for example, the asset selection, the platform theme and the choice of the right financial instruments. 

2. Set Your Regulatory Framework

Particularly in Germany, setting up your own investment platform in compliance with the law is of great importance. In addition to several necessary licenses, there are also a number of laws, such as the Money Laundering Act, which must be observed.


3. Set up Your Technical Platform Backend

The technical level belongs to the core of your tokenization platform. In order to ensure a sensible structuring here, a number of things must be clarified, such as the choice of blockchain, the custody solution or also a sensible smart contract logic.

4. Define Your Distribution Strategy

Finally, crucial to the success of an investment platform is an effective distribution concept, because as with any product, the success of tokenized assets lies in the distribution. The three most important include: self-distribution, partner distribution and co-placements.


The German Digital (R)evolution

While Germany and Europe missed many trends in the past, there is currently a unique situation for Germany in the digital asset sector. In a global comparison, Germany has the most progressive regulation in the DLT-based capital market. The electronic securities law and the crypto custody law give Germany a global location advantage in which disruptive innovations are made possible in the first place. 

Setting up Tokenzation Platforms in 4 Steps

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We are pleased that you are interested in tokenization. With this whitepaper you will get a summary of all the most important information to start your own project.