All-in-one Solution

Build your investment platform: Our All-in-one Solution covers everything you need, from distribution, registry and custody to secondary markets.

Cashlink has received a provisional authorization from BaFin to provide the crypto securities register management (Sec. 65 (2) KWG).

Providing you with all the technology required

Our All-in-one Solution approach

We know how important it is to keep the focus on your core business. Therefore we provide you with an All-in-one Solution that covers the complete tokenization process. Our software covers distribution, registry management, secondary markets and custody. This way, you profit from advantages of tokenization while being able to keep the focus on your core business. This service offering enables investment platforms to issue crypto securities according to the German eWpG.

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Differences between the packages

All-in-one Solution
Investment Platform API
Cashlink Signing

Online investment process

The online investment process enables the online subscription of digital securities.

The all-in-one tokenization solution​
Cashlink Custody

Integrated custody solution

Cashlink offers an integrated out-of-the-box custody solution for digital securities without additional technical integration costs. Choose between these two options

  • Cost-efficient self-custody
  • Regulated and licensed custody powered by Tangany
Cashlink Studio

Dashboard for operators

The Cashlink Studio is an online dashboard for platform operations to manage the distribution process.


Decentralized Securities Registry

The decentralized securities registry is the core of our product packages. The register module stores the ownership of digital securities and connects with the other modules via settlement processes:

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Bring liquidity to your assets

Secondary market for tokenized securities

Since tokenized securities are yet predominantly illiquid or traded on decentralized, often unregulated exchanges, Cashlink offers embeddable solutions for platforms and financial intermediaries in order to bring liquidity to tokenized securities. Increase the demand for your offering by providing secondary market opportunities and attract investors as well as issuers.

P2P marketplace for tokenized securities

Available as Bulletin Board / OTC

Integrated market making solution

via Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG

The unique market making functionality for tokenized securities can be integrated into the Cashlink secondary markets module. Investors are able to sell and buy tokenized securities 24/7 to Bankhaus Scheich as a trusted intermediary and thus profit from high and instant liquidity.


License shield

With our license shield, we ensure legal compliance at all times. The Cashlink All-in-one Solution lifts barriers for market participants and ensures compliance by providing all required licenses among the value chain of tokenization projects. This reduces organizational effort while connecting you to industry experts!

In cooperation with

Interested in the All-in-one Solution package?

If you have any questions or interest in this package, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.