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inVenture has established an investment platform for venture capital with Cashlinks Software

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inVenture brings together venture capital funds and investors through the inVenture investment platform. The platform enables private investors to invest online in venture capital funds starting from a four-digit amount by acquiring a cutting-edge blockchain-based financial product. The implementation of Cashlink’s software has brought many benefits to inVenture, ultimately resulting in more attractive investments for customers.
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About the project

"Cashlink offers a unique Blockchain-as-a-Service solution to create securities, manage them, and stay compliant. This is highly important for us because the issuance of digital securities involves a lot of regulatory requirements. Additionally, we are in a rapidly changing environment. Cashlink is continuously adapting to these new environmental conditions and offers us consistent access to the most important blockchains."
Samuel inVenture
Samuel Gassauer
Co-Founder and CTO of inVenture

The following product was used for this project

Investment platform API

Frontend and our API

We asked inVenture for their main benefits when working with Cashlink


“The SaaS-Solution of Cashlink covers the entire tokenization process as well as critical backend tasks of inVenture investment platforms. Through modern API´s and constant advancement of the solution we are more than happy to have Cashlink as a strong partner.”


“One of the decisive factors in asset tokenization is regulation. By providing a MiFiD-II and AML compliant solution Cashlink enables us with a high go-to market pace while being able to focus on our core business.”

Strong client focus

“Cashlink accompanied us from the beginning of our journey and values customer satisfaction strongly. We never felt left alone and the Cashlink team always found a solution from which everyone profits in the end. We are happy to have them as a partner and aim for a sustainable growth together.”

inVenture was asked to name two advantages of blockchain technology and they chose...

Safe and simple

Safe, transparent and uncomplicated: This is the case, because transactions are stored unchangeably and transparently on a blockchain. They are therefore securely traceable at any time.

Quicker settlement

Transaction time reduction: The blockchain technology digitizes existing, often still paper-based processes. The speed of transactions increases considerably through the use of tokenized securities.

Simon Censkowsky
Business Development 

Profit from the same advantages as inVenture!

We help you find the best solution for your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Profit from the same advantages as inVenture!

We help you find the best solution for your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!