Cashlink Digital Asset Network

Use the Ethereum Blockchain to securely issue digital securities.

Ethereum-based infrastructure to issue digital securities

At the core, it’s a decentralized register that transparently stores the ownership of digital securities. On top of that, it enables the compliant lifecycle management of securities for issuers, brokers, investors, and custodians.

The security of the register is very important in order to secure the transparent and compliant storage of ownership information. A thorough audit by the Berlin-based security expert Cure53 has confirmed the security of the Smart Contracts that run the register.

Ready for transfer and trading

Securities issued on the Cashlink Digital Asset Network comply with rules and restrictions set by the asset’s issuer, ensuring that only those investors can hold and transfer securities that are legally allowed to do so in their jurisdiction.
Securities can be either freely transferable or Issuers choose from different models like whitelists or transaction approvals systems. As an issuer, you may choose to use any compatible compliance ecosystem. You can even combine any number of compliance ecosystems to increase the liquidity pool for the secondary market.

Compliance ecosystems

Agora IVE

Cashlink’s qualified investor program

Custom whitelisting

Know Your Asset

Issuers upload cryptographically secured proofs of the underlying security documents. Therefore it is possible for every investor to check the underlying asset of the security. Many traditional assets can be issued by applying only a thin legal wrapper.

Available securities

Cashlink Digital Company Share
The Cashlink Digital Company Share is a standardised out-of-the-box equity-like security (participation right).

Custom asset
Request our guidelines on how securities should be structured in order to be compatible with the Digital Asset Network.

Custodian ecosystem

Investors securely store their assets by using one of the custody solutions compatible with the Network. Issuers choose any number of custodians they want to use for the issuance.

Compatible custodians

Cashlink Depot
The Cashlink Depot is a user-friendly and secure way to store digital assets purchased via Cashlink.

Finoa Digital Depot
Finoa is a German service provider specializing in the custody of digital securities for professional investors.

All securities issued on the Cashlink Digital Securities Network are transferable with an ERC-20 compatible wallet.
Securities live on the Cashlink Digital Asset Network

Read the full market report for digital securities here on

How to build on top of the Cashlink Digital Asset Network

Building on top of the decentralized infrastructure is easy. We've build simple tools and APIs that make the interaction with the underlying network convenient and secure. You can use these tools to build your own digital asset marketplace.

  • You take advantage of our REST API and we take care of the underlying interaction with the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Transactions like issuance or transfers are managed and monitored automatically.
  • The security of the infrastructure is enhanced by security update mechanisms and our own nodes validating transactions.

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