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Why tokenize collectibles?

Until now, investments in collectibles have been reserved for very wealthy investor groups. Therefore, tokenization of collectibles offers numerous advantages.

New group of investors

Barriers to entry are reduced due to lower capital requirements. New investors can thus invest in the increasing value of collectibles.

Increased liquidity

Tokenization of collectibles leads to increased liquidity in the market due to the digitization and transferability of shares in the form of tokens.

Automation reduces costs

The automation of processes significantly reduces costs. At the same time, transaction costs and organizational effort are reduced. 

Increased transparency

Since blockchain technology inevitably secures every transaction in a decentralized manner, tokenization presents the opportunity for a shift towards greater transparency and sustainability.

4 Tokenisierte Assets mit Cashlink


Art Tokenization with our All-In-One Solution

The mission of arttrade is to democratize the art market. Starting at 250 euros, anyone can invest indirectly in the works of the most renowned artists and thus participate in their value development. At the same time, the works are made publicly accessible in galleries, museums and own exhibition spaces and promoted as cultural assets.

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Tokenization of collectibles in 3 steps

This is how easy it is to profit from tokenization with Cashlink:

Step 1: Structuring

As with a traditional securities offering, you first need to decide on legal terms and conditions before you can start the processes for tokenizing collectibles. Specialized law firms from Cashlink's partner network support them in the legal drafting of the contracts.

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Step 2: Issuance

The legal contracts are digitally represented by so-called smart contracts. These smart contracts generate tokens that represent shares in the tokenized collectible. They automatically perform actions based on the underlying legal contract. Cashlink's product packages include everything needed to do this. Your company does not need to interact with the blockchain layer, as Cashlink completely takes care of the tokenization process.

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Step 3: Secondary Market

Because the tokens are globally transferable around the clock, liquidity is further increased. Because tokenization can be used for a wide variety of collectibles, liquidity is further increased. Since the invested capital is no longer tied up for longer periods of time, new investors can participate in the market.

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