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One solution for various asset classes

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Real estate tokenization

Disruption of the real estate industry

Investing in real estate is becoming increasingly popular: Transaction volumes on the German real estate market are rising steadily. Although interest in and demand for real estate is increasing, there are still high investment barriers for private investors. Traditional real estate investments often require high minimum investments and tie up capital for a very long time. In addition, project financing or refinancing is often very complex and costly. 

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for many intermediaries in the traditional finance industry. As a result, issuers can be offered low-cost, efficient, and digital financing options. Through fractionalization, investors can be offered investments starting from the smallest amounts in real estate. The digital mapping of real estate shares also increases liquidity, making the asset class more attractive overall.

Tokenization in sustainability

Green impact through sustainable investment

Sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role in financial investment. The personal investment portfolio should not only be profitable, but also generate a social, societal or ecological impact. Historically, many sustainable investment products on the private capital market have been reserved for professional and institutional investors such as insurance companies and banks.

However, this has now changed via token-based investments on digital investment platforms. This means that even private investors can invest indirectly in forests, renewable energies and sustainable technologies for small amounts.

Tokenization of collectibles

The access to limited objects

Acquiring and managing collectibles has traditionally been a difficult venture. With several intermediate steps and time-consuming processes, investing in and managing them in the past also required a large amount of money upfront. For the majority of the world’s population, entry into this world was difficult and limited due to the high cost.

With the help of our technology, tokenization of a wide variety of collectibles is now allowing us to democratize this market and open it up to small investors: everything from art to cars and shoes has already been put into practice.

Tokenization of alternative financing

Disruptive digital financing

Due to numerous intermediaries, lengthy and costly processes, traditional corporate financing in Germany is currently still very tedious. Tokenization solves this problem: some innovative and risk-taking platforms are leading the adoption of blockchain technology, showing that a more efficient solution can democratize assets and benefit the crowd.

This disruption is a game changer for startups, SMEs and private capital markets, as tokenization of securities, can be a great tool for raising capital for companies and even going public.

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Simon Censkowsky

Simon Censkowsky

Senior Manager Strategic Business Development