An inclusive marketplace for all investor categories – Interview with area2invest

Wie kann Europa Vormachtstellung im Bereich der Distributed-Ledger-Technologie einnehmen? Diese und weitere Frage haben wir im Interview mit Patrick Hansen, Blockchain-Bereichsleiter bei Bitkom e.V. besprochen.

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Cashlink and area2invest join forces

Two pioneers in the tokenized asset industry are now joining forces. With a strategic cooperation, the tokenization provider Cashlink and the marketplace for traditional and tokenised securities area2invest expand their services.

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Cashlink integrates voting rights option into its Digital Company Share Standard

Companies can onboard investors more easily by selling Digital Company Shares and they also enable startups to include voting rights into the asset.

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Investor protection within Cashlink’s digital company share

We provide investors' digital securities protection in case the company sells cheap shares by implementing a certain mechanism for the digital shares.

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Peer-to-peer transactions and real-time settlement of digital securities

Together with our new partner CashOnLedger, we now enable complete peer-to-peer transactions of digital securities, which are settled almost in real-time.

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How we issued one of the first digital securities on the Ethereum blockchain

Last week we announced that we have issued a digital security on the Ethereum blockchain. In this blog post, I will explain the mechanics of the security.

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