Cashlink und CAPinside open the door to the blockchain world for asset management

June 23th, 2020

Cashlink and CAPinside are expanding their digital offering to the German fund industry through a strategic cooperation. Asset managers* now have access to a digital one-stop store that enables them to offer conventional products and investment strategies to a broad audience via blockchain technology.

Two leading Fintechs with a common mission: Cashlink, expert in the application of distributed ledger technology in the financial sector, and Germany’s fastest growing investment community, CAPinside, formalize their cooperation. The goal of the partnership is to reduce transaction costs and provide access to new and previously inaccessible investments using blockchain technology.

Cashlink offers a standardized technological solution for issuing digital securities based on blockchain technology. The Frankfurt-based company makes it possible to issue and manage digital securities on an already proven, modular infrastructure in compliance with the law. Up to now, this structure has mainly been designed for digital corporate investments. In the meantime, any type of financial instrument can be tokenized by digital securities.

Digital workbench to tokenize products
CAPinside now offers this technological solution in the form of a complete “digital workbench” to German and international asset managers* to tokenize their products. “The blockchain will completely change the way we transfer and make financial products available. With Cashlink, we are bringing another technology expert on board our platform to provide our community and our customers with access to “end-to-end” solutions,” says CAPinside founder and CEO Philipp Schröder. “From the conception, technical implementation and distribution to the custody of the token, we provide the necessary prerequisites”.

With the blockchain technology, CAPinside wants to use so-called “security tokens” to make access to previously difficult to access and illiquid investments such as infrastructure, private equity and venture capital fundamentally easier and, above all, more accessible, to significantly reduce costs and entry levels and increase tradability. At the same time, asset managers can use CAPinside and Cashlink technology to tap into new target groups in the areas of investment consulting, family offices and asset management.

“We are pleased that we can bundle our experience from many successful digital securities issues with the platform solution from CAPinside. With our Tokenization-as-a-Service solution, CAPinside now offers a complete end-to-end solution for the issuance of digital securities,” adds Michael Duttlinger, CEO and founder of Cashlink.

Digital securities with many advantages
From an investor’s point of view, such a digital alternative represents an important addition to a well-diversified portfolio. Further advantages of digital securities are low costs for issue and administration, fast settlement, which is possible almost in real time, and last but not least, high transparency and a high degree of security.