Partnership Announcement Cashlink and Atpar
Atpar x cashlink

Cashlink and Atpar Partner Up
to Lead the Way to Capital Markets 2.0

December 8th, 2020

The financial industry is warming up to integrate decentralized finance into the system. Leading experts like the chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton, think “it may be very well the case that [database representing stocks] all become tokenized”.

Still many processes are not digitized one of them being the processing of corporate actions. Interest, dividend or principal distribution is currently calculated and settled through error-prone, often time-consuming, manual processes. It is our mission at Cashlink to lead the way into capital markets 2.0. We have therefore partnered up with atpar AG to push digitization of the entire financial value chain by combining atpar’s Decentral Securities Depository with Cashlink’s Decentral Securities Registry.

The first decentral securities depository

atpar AG operates the first Decentral Securities Depository that allows issuers to register a securities’ term sheet in machine-readable form on-chain and link it to security tokens like those from Cashlink which track the ownership of these financial claims in their Decentral Securities Register. Pre-fabricated product templates allow for a maximal degree of automation and convenience. Once registered, securities’ term sheets, upcoming corporate actions, interest calculations as well as an immutable audit trail may be retrieved by all participants at any time directly from the on-chain ledger. This leads to less error-prone, more transparent and automated back-office processes.

the partnership

Combining Cashlink’s and atpar’s solution leads to a functionality that is provided by intermediaries today, specifically issuing, transfer, calculation and paying agent, which is digitized and automated in a transparent and verifiable way on chain.

“We are excited to partner up with Cashlink as it enables our clients to easily tokenize any of our financial products and service them in a compliant way on chain. With Cashlink’s end-to-end solution and atpar’s Decentral Depository, institutions can issue digital securities with a push of a button and handle corporate actions in a fully digital and automated way.” – Michael Svoboda, CEO of atpar.

“We at Cashlink enable our clients to issue , settle and trade tokenized securities. This cooperation is a seamless incorporation of two solutions workings towards the same goal: to achieve completely blockchain based capital markets 2.0.” – Michael Duttlinger, CEO of Cashlink states.

About atpar:

atpar is a fintech company from Switzerland backed by blockchain pioneers like ConsSys, Eden Block and Christoph Jentzsch.


atpar’s Decentral Depository empowers originators to offer more products, faster and at lower cost by digitizing and automating the servicing of their digital securities. Clients don’t need to reinvent the ‘financial wheel’ and can focus on the differentiating part by building their solution on top of the first open-source, universal and standardized Decentralized Securities Depository for all major financial products.


About Cashlink:

Cashlink is a financial technology company (fintech) based in Frankfurt am Main. It offers one of the leading software solutions for asset tokenization. Clients benefit from all building blocks, services and licenses needed to issue tokenized securities and manage decentralized security registries.

Cashlink is the winner of the FinTech Germany Award 2020 in the Category Blockchain and receives support from renowned investors such as the listed VC Finlab AG and the Maschmeyer Group.