Partnership Announcement: Cashlink and Liquiditeam
Liquiditeam x cashlink

Liquiditeam and Cashlink partner up to offer digital financing solutions for professional sports

January 20th, 2021

  • Liquiditeam will integrate Cashlink’s tokenization solution into its LT Sports Invest Platform
  • Clubs and athletes benefit from innovative financing solutions
  • Investors get easy access to an attractive asset class

Together, fintech providers auch as Liquiditeam and Cashlink are creating new, innovative financing options for the capital market. Liquiditeam and we are working together in this partnership to provide clubs and athletes with an easy and customer-oriented way to raise capital via digital securities.

As an end-to-end tokenization-as-a-service provider, Cashlink offers companies a one-stop-shop for digital securities. With this offering, Liquiditeam is expanding its services and welcome Cashlink as a new member into its partner ecosystem. In turn, with the LT Sports Investment Platform, Cashlink continues to expand its position in the tokenization space.

“We are very pleased to win Cashlink as new partner. As one of the pioneers in the field of tokenization, we can now jointly offer digital securities as an all-in-one solution”, said Hendrik Hoppenworth, CEO of Liquiditeam.

Liquiditeam has already established itself in the sports industry with its LT Fan platform, as it is the basis for the BVB-FanToken app, which was recently launched with Borussia Dortmund. Combining Liquiditeams access to the sports business and our expertise in the realm of digital securities, sports and athletes now have access to new financing options. In addition, the coupling with the LT Sports Invest Platform now offers access to an attractive asset class for a broader investor community.

“As a sports enthusiast, I am particularly excited about the partnership with Liquiditeam, as I see great potential for the sports industry in this collaboration. By combining the LT Fan Platform and Cashlink’s tokenization solution, sports gets an innovative solution for their financing.”, said Michael Duttlinger, CEO of Cashlink.

About Liquiditeam:

Liquiditeam develops technology and services for the sports industry in the field of tokenization. the service offering provides solutions for fan engagement and financing powered by innovative technology, industry experience, and a deep passion for sports. Liquiditeam is supported by their lead investor Volksbank Braunschweig Wolfsburg. Click here for more information. 

About Cashlink:

Cashlink is one of the leading software companies for tokenization services providing tools, infrastructure, and applications for a blockchain-based capital market 2.0. Our end-to-end-software-as-a-service solution offers our clients all the building blocks and services they need to unlock the full potential of asset and security tokenization. 

Cashlink receives support from renowned investors such as the listed VC Finlab AG and the Maschmeyer Group.