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This is how our platform works

Screenshot des stokera Userinterface zur Erstellung von stokera token

Create (virtual) startup shares as Security Token

The creation of the shares - also called token - is quite simply done directly via our platform. The token are legally based on virtual stock options, which many companies worldwide already use for employee stock options. This legal basis has the advantage for you that your investors do not become shareholders and therefore do not end up in the cap table. We provide you with all legal documents and accompany you through the entire process.

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Issue the shares to investors

You can issue the shares directly to investors. Your investors only need to register with us and do not need their own Crypto-Wallet.

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Keep an overview of your investors

With our dashboard you always have an overview of all shares and investors. Since the shares are represented by tokens on the blockchain, your investors can sell and transfer their shares at any time without great effort. This makes the investment much more flexible and therefore more attractive for investors.


Our shares are completely conform to German law and offer you and your investors the best possible security.

Investors do not become shareholders in your cap-table, but are only entitled to a share in your start-up in the event of an exit.

Smaller investments are also possible via our platform and open up a completely new group of investors for your startup. This leads to a higher investment overall.

The transferability of tokens offers investors better liquidity and flexibility. Therefore, they are willing to invest more.

Strong partners help us to digitalize venture capital.

Together with CASHLINK, STARTPLATZ Köln is creating a unique form of financing for its accelerator start-ups. Via CASHLINK's security token platform, start-ups selected by STARTPLATZ can issue shares. This enables us to significantly improve the financing process for our start-ups.Dr. Lorenz Gräf - STARTPLATZ

Foto von Lorenz Gräf dem Gründer des STARTPLATZ Köln

Our fees: simple and transparent

3 % fee

Percentage of issued funding

That is what you get in return:

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Who can invest in start-ups via CASHLINK?
At the moment, only professional and institutional investors will be able to invest. Investors should already have experience in the venture capital/start-up area and make their investments through an investment company.

Professional investors include, among others:
Business Angels
Family Offices
Venture Capital Funds
Why can only professional investors invest?
We take consumer protection very seriously. Start-up investments are always associated with a high risk, which private individuals without venture capital experience find difficult to assess. In order to give private investors access to venture capital investments, a high degree of transparency and education is therefore necessary, which most start-ups cannot provide at present.

At the same time, start-ups not only seek capital from their investors, but often also support in the form of know-how and contacts. Here, professional investors usually offer start-ups much more support than private investors.

We want to offer a secure and reputable investment environment to all parties involved, therefore our platform is at first reserved for professional investors (e.g. business angels) only.
Is stokera crowdfunding or crowdinvesting?
No. Only professional investors can invest in companies via CASHLINK. The number of investors is significantly lower compared to crowdfunding.

At the same time, we recommend to take a classic VC lead investor on board. This criterion ensures a significantly higher quality of our start-ups than crowdfunding.
What is the difference to an ICO?
We offer a platform for so-called Security Token Offerings (STO).
Security Token Offerings differ fundamentally from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the type of token issued. In the case of ICOs, a so-called Utility Token is usually issued, which is simply a tradable voucher. With stokera STOs, so-called Security Tokens are issued. These tokens offer a share in the exit proceeds of the start-up and are regulated as securities.

German law and a clear legal framework apply to our STOs in order to prevent insider trading, market manipulation and information asymmetries. This is usually not the case with ICOs.

Compared to ICOs, STOs therefore offer significantly greater security for investors and at the same time a higher degree of seriousness for start-ups.
What rights do investors who invest via CASHLINK have?
Investors have a right to a share of the exit proceeds, e.g. in the event of a sale of the majority stake in the company.

However, the token investors do not become shareholders in the company and therefore have no shareholder rights and obligations.

Nevertheless, stokera investors have information rights in order to evaluate the development of the start-up. As part of the token issue, the start-up company is obliged to publish regular reports for the token investors. In order to prevent information asymmetry between equity investors, founders and token investors, important updates (ad hoc announcements) or director dealings must be published promptly.

Overall, stokera tokens are most comparable to preference shares.
How does the evaluation of start-ups work?
Every start-up wishing to raise capital via stokera needs a lead investor in the company as a shareholder. The valuation of the tokens is based on the valuation of the start-up by the lead investor. Larger token investors can also conduct their own due diligence in consultation with the start-up company.
Does CASHLINK replace classic VC investments?
In our view, we do not replace classic VC investments, but complement them.
With stokera, professional investors can better diversify their portfolio and remain more flexible in their investments due to the tradability.
Start-ups can raise money more flexibly from several investors via CASHLINK.
What impact does fundraising with CASHLINK have on existing investors?
From an economic point of view, fundraising has the same effects as a classic VC round, as the existing shares dilute.
However, we have a significant advantage for existing investors: new investors do not enter the cap table. This simplifies decision-making processes in the company.

Of course, existing investors can also act as lead investors or invest in tokens themselves.
What does CASHLINK use the blockchain for? What technology do you use?
Blockchain technology enables us to transfer assets easily and securely via cryptotokens, making it possible to trade start-up shares.

On the other hand, it simplifies the management of shares via a wallet to which only the investor has access.

We use the Ethereum Public Blockchain for stokera. Ethereum is currently the most mature technology with a large community that ensures continuous development.
How secure is the processing via the blockchain?
The blockchain layer is checked with the greatest care by our internal IT security experts. At the same time, external audits ensure maximum security.

All shares are covered by classic contracts. In the event of a technical failure, all shares remain valid and are still handled in a legally secure manner.

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