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Tokenization digitalizes numerous assets

Digital securities are a central component of tomorrow's capital market. As assets that are mapped on the blockchain, they consist of a legal and a technical part. In order to map an asset on the blockchain, so-called tokens are issued via a smart contract, which represent the asset digitally. This process is called tokenization.

Three packages, tailored to your needs

Ready-to-start package

With our simple Ready-to-Start package you can start tokenization within a few weeks. Regardless of your industry, we support you as a service provider in the tokenization of your assets via our Smart Contract structure. With 7 successful tokenization projects, you benefit from our expertise and our proven infrastructure.

White label solution

With our white label solution you receive a complete package for digital subscription processes and the management of digital securities. You have access to our tried and tested modules and can start your tokenization projects immediately. This also includes modules for digital subscription routes, a digital portfolio and an onboarding software for token management. All modules are available as a white label solution and there is no additional integration effort for you.


With our flexible tokenization API, you can easily integrate all functions of our Smart Contract infrastructure into your existing system. This allows you to digitalize and store any asset easily and flexibly. Of course you have access to our standardized templates for legal or technical contracts.

New liquidity in every asset class

Tokenization in every industry

Tokenization digitalizes securities of all kinds. In general, you benefit from lower costs, greater efficiency and increased transparency. In addition, digital securities are globally transferable, which makes them a very attractive investment opportunity. Various companies from different industries benefit from our Cashlink solutions. We take care of the technical and legal work so that you can continue to focus on your corporate mission.

Different users benefit from digital securities

Investment Platforms


Funds & Asset Manager


Tokenization elevates every asset into a digital age

Any asset is converted into a digital security with the help of tokenization. Digitalization significantly reduces costs while increasing efficiency. The digital assets are also transferable - this increased flexibility is very attractive for investors. The use of innovative blockchain mechanisms also increase transparency, which in turn increases trust between all market participants.

Fixed-income securities
Certificates, Swaps, Futures, Forwards
Real assets
Art, Real Estate

Profit participation rights, company shares
Investment certificate, fund share certificate
Your Asset
Every investment can be tokenized

Tokenization provides many key benefits

Reduced costs

Tokenization digitalizes securities and thereby eliminates many expensive intermediate parties. This means that the costs in each step are much lower than with traditional securities transactions.

Fast settlement

Through tokenization, many previously paper-based processes are now digitalized. Thus, the speed of transactions is considerably increased through the use of digital securities.

Global transferability

The transfer of assets is drastically simplified by tokenization. Assets that were previously illiquid can now be easily transferred worldwide 24/7. This increases their attractiveness.

High transparency

Transactions are stored unchangeably and transparently on the blockchain. They are therefore securely traceable at all times. This strengthens the trust between all parties.

Shape the capital market of tomorrow

Are you interested in the tokenization of an individual asset or do you still have open questions on the subject? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you!

Frequently asked questions

What does tokenization mean and what is a token?

The BaFin defines tokenization as 'the digitalized representation of a (property) value including the rights and obligations contained in this value and its transferability made possible by this'. The digital representation is usually implemented on the blockchain. To map an asset on the blockchain, so-called tokens are issued. Each of these tokens represents a certain proportion of the mapped value. For this purpose, a contract is usually set up to define the rights and obligations resulting from a token. The tokens can be transferred completely digitally to another party. This also transfers all rights and obligations from the contract. Tokenization can therefore make an asset completely digitally transferable. If an asset is transferable and is largely standardized, BaFin considers it to be a security in the regulatory sense. The tokenized assets are therefore also called digital securities.

Which assets can be tokenized?

In principle, almost any asset can be tokenized. As a rule, the legal situation in the jurisdiction of the issuing party and the structuring of the security is decisive.

Tokenization of corporate investments

In Germany, company participations are currently tokenized predominantly in the form of a profit participation right. Profit participation rights are very flexible and can fully reflect a company participation in economic terms. A tokenized share or GmbH share is planned by the German government in its blockchain strategy, but has not yet been implemented. In other jurisdictions, such as Lichtenstein, company shares can already be completely tokenized.

Tokenization of real estate

Real estate can be tokenized via a so-called SPV (Special-Purpose-Vehicle). For this purpose, a company is set up whose purpose is to hold the real estate. The shares of this company are tokenized, making shares in the property transferable.

Tokenization of tangible assets

The tokenization of tangible assets, e.g. art, is usually very similar to the tokenization of real estate. To do this, the tangible assets are transferred to an SPV (special-purpose vehicle), which is then tokenized.

Tokens for (existing) securities

Even existing securities, e.g. a share, can be tokenized. A legal structure similar to a tracker certificate can be used to directly reflect the value of an existing security.

How does tokenization work?

In tokenization, an asset is legally linked to a digital representation (token) on the blockchain. With our Tokenization-as-a-Service infrastructure, no special blockchain know-how is required. You can either use our web-based Cashlink Studio to tokenize assets. Alternatively, you can connect our Tokenization API to your existing system. Our team will be happy to advise you and guide you through the entire process.