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Cashlink has received a provisional authorization from BaFin to provide the crypto securities register management (Sec. 65 (2) KWG).

With the eWpG to the capital market 2.0

With the new electronic securities act , central register securities and crypto securities will enable a more digital, faster and cost-efficient processes on the capital market. Thus, Germany manages to maintain and strengthen its attractiveness as a financial center. 

eWpG Whitepaper_FINAL

Want to learn more about the eWpG? As the topic of electronic securities is still relatively new due to the recently passed law, we would like to use this whitepaper [German version only] to give its readers a general understanding of how the eWpG is fundamentally changing the German financial landscape with the introduction of crypto securities.

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This service offering enables existing investment platforms to issue digital securities according to the German eWpG. It provides API based access to all needed investment services.
Michael Duttlinger co-founder and CEO of Cashlink
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I’m Michael, co-founder and CEO of Cashlink. I’m happy that you are interested in our product! If you have questions about the product packages, I am happy to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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