API for Investment Platforms

With our API for Investment Platforms solution you can create your own frontend and we take care of your back office processes.

Cashlink has received a provisional authorization from BaFin to provide the crypto securities register management (Sec. 65 (2) KWG).

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API for Investment Platforms

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Our API for Investment Platforms approach

With this package you have the freedom to create your own frontend according to your wishes, while we take care of the back office processes. We provide you with an API for Investment Platforms solution that covers the issuer portal, platform operations, custody, registry management and optional secondary markets. In this way, you benefit from all the advantages of tokenization.

Differences between the packages

Get your own Investment Platform

Investment Platform as a Service

Investor facing frontend

Build your own frontend and use our API
The Cashlink API allows you to develop your own frontend and connect to the underlying backend processes through the Cashlink API.

Issuer Portal

Online solution for issuers to manage their distribution process:

Platform operations

With the asset servicing component, platform operators are in full control of all back-office tasks during the asset’s lifecycle.

Decentralized Securities Registry

The registry module enables players in the financial industry to manage decentralized securities registries and all related clearing, settlement, and reconciliation processes:

License shield

With our license shield, we ensure legal compliance at all times. The Cashlink all-in-one solution lifts barriers for market participants and ensures compliance by providing all required licenses among the value chain of tokenization projects. This reduces organizational effort while connecting you to industry experts!
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