Investments become digital securities

Tokenization lifts assets into a digital age.
Many assets can now be digitally mapped with this technology.

Innovative applications for platforms

Opening up new opportunities
with digital securities

New technologies, more complex needs and growing demand for more flexible investments are increasingly changing the financial market. Tokenization represents various assets on the blockchain. This also raises securities to a new, digital level. Successful investment platforms already offer their customers more flexible investments, lower costs and at the same time benefit from new customer groups with digital securities. Digital securities can be used today to shape the capital market of tomorrow.
The simple solution from Cashlink digitizes a wide range of assets: from shares in sustainable large-scale projects to digital fund products. Our customers have access to our proven infrastructure modules with which individual solutions can be designed. In this way, they benefit from the advantages of digital securities, without having to rely on technical, legal or regulatory knowledge. With Cashlink’s simple solutions, platforms benefit from new technologies without losing sight of their core business.
Advantages through digitalization

The advantages of the
all-in-one tokenization solution

All-in-one solution
New customer access
Cost saving
Time saving
The future is today

The disruption of the capital market

Tokenization lifts numerous assets into the digital age and thus offers various application possibilities for investment platforms. With Cashlink, securities can be digitized easily and flexibly. This saves costs and time.
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Less cost

Intermediaries become superfluous due to digitalization. This reduces costs at every step.

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More transparency
Transactions are stored unchangeably and transparently on the blockchain and are securely traceable at all times.
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Faster settlement

Transactions run faster because paper-based processes now run digitally.

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Previously illiquid assets are now easily transferable thanks to digitization.

Tokenization of a wind farm


A platform for sustainable investment opportunities such as sustainable infrastructure projects as well as investment opportunities in sustainable business models benefits from tokenization, as investments become digital securities.

Various assets are suitable

Digitization knows no boundaries


Profit participation rights, company shares

Fixed-interest assets


Real assets

Real estate, art


Investment certificate, fund share certificate

Your own asset

Digitize every asset with the Cashlink infrastructure!

Derivates and forwards

Certificates, swaps, futures/forwards

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