Our software for
your tokenization project

Our software-as-a-service solution covers everything you need, from distribution, registry and custody to secondary markets.

Providing you with all the technology required

Our software-as-a-service approach

We know how important it is to keep the focus on your core business. Therefore we provide you with an all-in-one software-as-a-service solution that covers the complete tokenization process. Our software covers distribution, registry management, secondary markets and custody.  This way, you profit from advantages of tokenization while being able to keep the focus on your core business.

Our distribution module provides building blocks that allow streamlined issuance and distribution of tokenized securities for companies aiming at running their own investment platform.

Cashlink also offers different custody solutions individually adaptable to your needs. 

The registry module enables players in the financial industry to manage decentralized securities registries and all related clearing, settlement, and reconciliation processes:

Our secondary market solution offers various ways to bring liquidity to tokenized securities. 

Issuance & Lifecycle management


Profit from streamlined processes for asset issuance and lifecycle management with our distribution software.
Every step of asset distribution is covered. The software is available in your corporate design as a whitelabel solution.

Our online subscription process enables the digital subscription of tokenized assets. Customers profit from the following features:

  • Fully digital solution for the subscription of tokenized securities
  • User-friendly onboarding and conversion optimized subscription process
  • Easy management of the subscription process and investment information for the issuer and the platform
  • Integrated KYC/AML process for full compliance | KYC sharing with custody solutions possible
  • Supports public offerings and private placements
  • Import subscription process data from co-placement platforms: Data is automatically synchronized between your platform and the 3rd party

Online solution for issuers to manage their distribution process:

  • Overview of all ongoing campaigns and monitoring of the funding success
  • Management of investments, transactions and cap-table overview
  • Approval or rejections of investment offers and management of incoming payments

Web-based software for investors to manage their plattform account as well as their past and ongoing investment process:

  • Account Management
  • Tracking finished and ongoing investments
  • Integrated referall system

With the asset servicing component, platform operators are in full control of all back-office tasks during the asset’s lifecycle:

  • Create, deploy new and manage existing issuers and products
  • Flexible creation of vouchers
  • Bookkeeping for issuers via Datev export
  • Processing and check of cancellation claims
  • Calculation of payment claims of investors during the asset’s lifecycle
  • Tax handling for payouts
  • Processing of reporting obligations

Out-of-the-box integration of custody solutions for tokenized securities without additional technical integration costs. Use the cost-efficient self-custody option or add a licensed custodian such as Finoa or Upvest:

  • Viewing balances, sending, and receiving tokenized securities
  • All transactions are secured by a banking-grade two-factor app
  • Secure self-custody option where private keys are stored directly on the smartphone
  • All custody solutions are seamlessly integrated into the investor dashboard component
The Core of our solution

Decentralized securities registry

The Cashlink decentralized securities registry is the core of the Cashlink tokenization solution. It is based on a suite of smart contracts built on top of a distributed ledger network. This smart contract suite replaces the roles of issuing agents, transfer agents and the central securities depository. Additionally business logic can be executed on-chain, interact with other smart contracts and enable delivery vs. payment transactions.

The Cashlink decentralized securities registry  simultaneously interacts with the other layers (distribution, custody, secondary markets) and updates the underlying distributed ledger network in real time. The Cashlink decentralized securities registry can be used stand-alone or is integrated as the underlying infrastructure for the distribution and secondary market modules.

Bring liquidity to your assets

Secondary market for tokenized securities

Since tokenized securities are yet predominantly illiquid or traded on decentralized, often unregulated exchanges, Cashlink offers embeddable solutions for platforms and financial intermediaries in order to bring liquidity to tokenized securities. Increase the demand for your offering by providing secondary market opportunities and attract investors as well as issuers.

P2P marketplace for tokenized securities

Available as Bulletin Board / OTC

Integrated market making solution

via Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG

The unique market making functionality for tokenized securities can be integrated into the Cashlink secondary markets module. Investors are able to sell and buy tokenized securities 24/7 to Bankhaus Scheich as a trusted intermediary and thus profit from high and instant liquidity.


License shield

With our license shield, we ensure legal compliance at all times. The Cashlink all-in-one solution lifts barriers for market participants and ensures compliance by providing all required licenses among the value chain of tokenization projects. This reduces organizational effort while connecting you to industry experts!
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