Partnership Upvest and Cashlink

Cashlink and Upvest Have Partnered to Build an End-To-End Product for Token Issuance and Custody

October 28th, 2020

Fintechs like Upvest and Cashlink are opening the way for traditional financial institutions to tokenize their assets without requiring a high level of technological resources. Partnering to achieve a solution easy to plug and play that covers the complete process, while bringing different alternatives of providers together to offer the most suitable solution for each case.

As an end-to-end tokenization-as-a-service provider, Cashlink offers entities a one-stop-shop for digital securities. Including the custody service through Upvest’s partnership, while handling the tokenization and frontend part of the process.

Implementing our API to their platform allows Cashlink’s clients to fully own their users, since our solution operates in the background of the platform, and is able to work with any smart contract setting.

“What we value most about Upvest is the combination of technological expertise coupled with banking-grade security and a regulatory compliant asset storage environment. As an end-to-end software-as-a-service provider for tokenization it is very important for us that investors’ assets are stored in a safe environment which also offers an intuitive user experience”, stated Michael Duttlinger, CEO of Cashlink.

With the combination of Upvest and Cashlink, an all-in-one package solution is available for financial institutions to benefit from the new financial rails instantly. Enabling them to offer to their retail investors a wider range of assets at a lower minimum investment.

“Working with Cashlink allows us to provide the full benefits of tokenization to our customers in an all-in-one solution. Cashlink offers seamless frontend and tokenization services, while Upvest serves as the secure and regulated custody solution.”, CEO of Upvest Martin Kassing.

About Upvest

Upvest offers an API-first solution to let fintechs offer digital securities to their customers. Thus, fintechs are able to extend their product offering, generate new revenue streams and improve the customer experience. The solution comes as all in one package, so that our customers do not need to worry about complex infrastructure or pan-european securities licenses and regulation.

Our Berlin based fintech was founded in 2017. Since then, we’ve grown to a 25+ employees company backed by some of the largest Venture Capital firms in Europe. In total Upvest has raised €7m from Notion Capital, Holtzbrinck Ventures, and Partech.

About Cashlink

Cashlink is one of the leading software companies for tokenization services, providing the tools, infrastructure and applications for blockchain based Capital Market 2.0. Our end-to-end software-as-a-service solution offers our clients all the building blocks and services they need to unlock the full potential of asset and security tokenization.

Through our engagement as founding members of the International Token Standardization Association (“ITSA”), the European forum “International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications” (INATBA) as well as the Hesse regional group of the national German Blockchain association, Cashlink actively promotes and shapes the futures of blockchain powered Capital Markets.

Cashlink receives support from renowned investors such as the listed VC Finlab AG and the Maschmeyer Group.