Different modules for individual solutions

Cashlink's modular infrastructure creates fully digitalized securities that will change the financial market forever.

Easy subscription process

Cashlink Signing

Cloud-based subscription process that enables a digital subscription of digital assets.

  • Fully digital solution for the subscription of digital securities
  • User-friendly onboarding and optimized subscription process
  • Easy management of the subscription process and investment information
  • Compliance with KYC/AML regulations | KYC sharing with custody solutions possible
  • Use for private placements and public offerings

Cashlink Signing features

Subscription process for natural and legal persons
The investing person provides all relevant data so that all regulatory requirements are satisfied. Special features of legal entities are also taken into account.
Integration KYC/KYB/AML
To identify the identity, the software forwards the investing person to a KYC company, such as PostIdent or Fractal. Other providers can also be integrated.
Payment methods
Payment by bank transfer is already integrated into the subscription process. Other payment methods can also be integrated on request.
Self-disclosure and appropriateness test
The software automatically requests information about the experience with financial products. It is based on the individual regulatory requirements of the security.
Query of the account connection
So that investors can quickly benefit from payouts such as interest, they enter their account details directly in the investment process.
Choice of custody
There is a selection between custody of the assets by a professional custodian or self-custody of the digital securities.
Login for investors
Investors can view process progress and open actions to complete the investment at any time.

Clear management of digital securities

Cashlink Studio

Cloud-based solution in which issuing companies manage the digital security.

  • Manage investments and transactions and easily add new investments
  • Implement capital measures such as interest payments
  • Clear management of the offer, post-issue functions and reporting
  • Web-based software that handles tokenization on a secure and proven infrastructure
  • Compliance with compliance requirements through whitelisting

Features of Cashlink Studio

Create campaigns
With a campaign, the issuing company can provide detailed information, such as reports, on the asset to the investing persons. The investing person sees this information in the digital subscription route.
Accept investments
The issuing company can accept or reject investments in the Cashlink Studio. Tokens are then sent to deposited wallet addresses after confirmed receipt of payment. An external check, e.g. by a liability umbrella, is integrated.
Automatic compliance check
The issuing company can view transactions of the investors. Implementable whitelisting allows for transaction and investment restrictions, so that own and supranational compliance requirements are always met.
Summary of data of the investors
The Cashlink Studio makes it possible to easily export the data of the investors in CSV format.
Burn & Re-issue mechanism
A "Burn & Re-issue Mechanism" protects investors in case of loss of private keys to access digital securities.

Custody & management of digital securities

Investor Dashboard

Our investor dashboard is an web-based software for investors to receive and manage their digital securities. To store digital securities, investors need a wallet. There are various solutions for this purpose that differ in their type and ease of use. Cashlink offers its own wallet - the Cashlink Mobile SafeKeeping app. Other custody options are also possible with Cashlink, such as custody via Finoa or self-custody.

  • Sending, receiving and custody of digital securities
  • Free choice between self-custody and use of an external service provider

Supported custody solutions

Cashlink Mobile SafeKeeping
With the Cashlink Mobile SafeKeeping app, investors keep digital securities on their cell phone and have a private key. The app meets the highest industry standards. If the person no longer has access to the cell phone, the app can be restored with a security key. If this security key is lost, the digital securities can be booked into a new wallet.
Custody with Finoa
With an offer tailored to professional and institutional investors, investors benefit from Finoa's custody services for a small fee. The solution insures and holds digital securities following banking standards.
Self-custody is also possible for investors. Cashlink recommends self-custody of digital securities only to investors who are familiar and experienced in the custody of digital securities.

Designed by experts

Legal Layer

With our Legal Layer we offer a standardized, reusable legal framework that also has regulatory security. Components of the legal layer are:
  • Token Agreement
  • Contract of sale
  • Back-to-back agreement, if applicable (incl. shareholder resolution)
  • If applicable Effecta contract
  • Templates for securities information sheets

How is the legal layer connected to the smart contract layer?
A hash function (SHA-256) connects the Token Agreement with the Smart Contract. This unique hash value describes the Token Agreement and is stored in the Smart Contract. This ensures that the Token Agreement can not be manipulated. If the content of the Token Agreement changes, the hash value also changes.

The core of the Infrastructure

Tokenization API and smart contract infrastructure

Cashlink's tokenization API acts as a link between the blockchain level and the modules. The smart contract infrastructure tokenizes securities and represents them digitally on the blockchain. Because the smart contract infrastructure runs entirely in the backend of the Cashlink software, users have no direct contact points and therefore require no technical know-how.

The smart contract suite is provided on the Ethereum blockchain for each new product in the investment process and linked to an existing securities contract.
Supply control
Through supply control, digital securities can be credited, blocked for use or destroyed. This enables the flexible representation of business transactions defined in the securities contract.
Register queries
The "account balances" of investing persons can be queried transparently at any time. The API enables the exact time determination of states.
Smart settlement protocol
Securities transactions can be concluded via delivery-vs. delivery transactions. Delivery-vs. payment transactions are also possible with ERC-20-based e-money.
ERC-20 transfers
Securities transactions can be executed peer-to-peer via an ERC-20 interface.
Compliance mechanisms and whitelisting
A whitelisting mechanism exists to prevent unauthorized transfers of digital securities. In addition, service providers can be connected to apply arbitrary rule sets to transactions to check their legitimacy and reject them if necessary.
Storage of valuata data for transactions
If valuata data differs from the posting date on the blockchain, they can be derived transparently from the blockchain, e.g. to enable an exact calculation of accrued interest.
Update mechanism
The smart contract suite can be updated with the consent of the issuing company, for example to fix known security breaches.
Fee management
The Cashlink software monitors the current gas costs and uses a heuristic to determine which gas price is necessary for the desired execution time.
Summary of smart contract operations
Many business transactions can only be realized by combining smart contract function calls. Cashlink's software summarizes these and offers a simple interface to the outside world.
Monitoring of transactions
The Cashlink software monitors transactions and determines when they are considered confirmed. If a transaction is not confirmed within a certain time period, new transactions are automatically initiated. The software prevents the pre- or replay of transactions.
Resistance to attacks
The Cashlink software stores the entire transaction history. This increases the independence of the parties involved from each other.
Minimization of private key risks
Transactions only receive temporary private keys. This means that in the case of inference of a third party, their access can be stopped within a short time.
Burn & re-issue mechanism
Tokens can be destroyed and reissued. This burn & re-issue mechanism can be used, for example, if investing persons lose access to their tokens.

Our Smart Contracts are audited by Cure53. The audit report can be accessed here:
A detailed documentation of the API including test environment can be found here:

Administration and management

Cashlink Admin Console

Platforms can use the Cashlink software to manage the issuance process of the connected issuers and investors.
  • Investors follow a registration and subscription process to acquire digital securities
  • Issuers manage and control the issuance process
  • The platform acts as a intermediary, supporting both sides while also ensuring legal compliance
In order for the investment process to work for a specific product, product master data can be stored for each of the following product types:
  • Asset investments
  • Securities
  • Tokenized securities
For each product type, we offer standard templates for the issuance process. The templates take into account the individual legal requirements for the different product types. Based on the templates, the products can be created by setting all master data.

Functionalities of the admin dashboard

Master data maintenance
To be able to create a product, master data is transferred to the Cashlink software. This data includes master data of the product (e.g. minimum investment amount) and of the issuer (e.g. company information). Is also possible to upload issuance documents for the product, which are necessary for the investment process. To administer the issuance, an authorized representative of the issuer is assigned an account.
Whitelist management
A whitelist containing all authorized digital depots can be maintained for each product. It is also possible to assign providers that take care of the whitelist management.
Transfers of digital securities are only possible between persons who are authorized in the whitelist.
Entering payouts
For each investment, payouts from the issuer to the investing person can be created. These are then displayed in the investor dashboard. A payment consists of the following data:
  • Amount in currency
  • Due date of the payment
  • Status of the payment
  • Type of payment
For each product, it is possible to download a CSV file containing all payments payouts. An export of the current investors is also possible. This export contains all data needed to calculate payouts for a product with external tools. The calculated payouts can then be uploaded to the system as a CSV file.
Creation of coupon codes
Coupon codes reduce the payable amount of the investing person by a defined amount.
They can be created by entering the following data:
  • Amount of coupon (fixed amount or percentage)
  • Graduation of the amount
  • Number of allowed redemption transactions
  • Products to which the voucher is applicable
  • Validity of the voucher
  • Specification of restrictions for first-time subscribers

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