Registry-as-a-Service API

Integrate digital securities into your existing infrastructure.

Cashlink has received a provisional authorization from BaFin to provide the crypto securities register management (Sec. 65 (2) KWG).

Integration without changing the infrastructure

Our Registry-as-a-Service API approach

This service offering enables existing investment platforms to issue crypto securities according to the German eWpG. It provides API based access to all needed investment services.


Differences between our packages

Registry-as-a-Service API
Investment Platform API
Vergleich All-in-one-solution und Investment platform API

Interested in the Registry-as-a-Service API package?

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More information about the other product packages

All-in-one Solution

We know how important it is to keep the focus on your core business. Therefore we provide you with an All-in one Solution that covers the complete tokenization process. Our software covers distribution, registry management, secondary markets and custody.  This way, you profit from advantages of tokenization while being able to keep the focus on your core business.

Investment Platform API

With this package you have the freedom to create your own frontend according to your wishes, while we take care of the back office processes.
We provide you with an Investment Platform API package that covers distribution, issuer portal, platform operations and registry management. In this way, you benefit from all the advantages of tokenization.