The infrastructure for tokenized assets

Offer tokenized assets with Cashlink's unique infrastructure, including crypto securities register according to eWpG.

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Technology and regulatory compliance from a single source

The end-to-end solution for tokenized assets including a crypto securities registry

Die 3 Ebenen von Cashlinks Tokenisierungslösung

Disruptive technology

Through the Cashlink infrastructure, the entire value chain for tokenized assets is being covered.

Licensed infrastructure

Together with our partners, all required licenses are provided and seamlessly integrated.

Why Cashlink

Why you should work with us

4 Tokenisierte Assets mit Cashlink

Everything from one source

With Cashlink, you get all the necessary building blocks for tokenizing assets. Perfectly coordinated from a single source.

Flexibility & Speed

Our standardized all-in-one solution gets you up and running in a matter of weeks, while our APIs give you the utmost flexibility.


We consider ourselves a neutral partner and never compete with you for investors or issuers. All our product packages are customized to your brand.

Regulated infrastructure

Our proven infrastructure meets all regulatory requirements for issuing crypto securities in Germany.


One solution for a wide range of asset classes

Schedule an initial consultation with our team of experts today to learn about your options when it comes to tokenizing assets.

"Cashlink's unique infrastructure is a substantial building block that enables our "Tokenization as a Service". In particular, the holistic infrastructure solution with its combination of technology and regulatory capabilities is a great fit for our full-service offering around asset tokenization."

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Patrick Marquardt​
Managing Director laiqon Token GmbH


Innovative FinTechs and established institutions rely on our solution​

Investment platforms

Through our infrastructure for tokenized assets, we enable investment platforms to offer tokenized assets of any kind to their clients. Our customers already offer numerous investments in the area of collectibles, renewable energies and real estate.

Financial Institutions

Both blockchain technology and the resulting tokenization of assets are continuously disrupting the financial market. Through the Cashlink infrastructure, financial institutions can continuously benefit from the technical advances of blockchain-based capital market infrastructure and its savings effects.


Find the right product package

From your own platform to the integration of crypto securities in a simple way.

All-In-One Solution

The comprehensive solution for your tokenization project

eWpG compliant issuance infrastructure for crypto securities
Frontends tailored for your platform in line with your corporate design
Fully integrated KYC/AML compliance, custody and investment brokerage partners
Comprehensive management tool with automated backend processes
Time to market achievable in less than 6 weeks
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The most flexible approach to designing your investment platform

eWpG compliant issuance infrastructure for crypto securities
Integrate your own frontend using our API
Integrated connection to Effecta with a License Shield
Integrated custody and KYC/AML compliance processes
Flexible integration of payments
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Registry-as-a-Service API

The most flexible integration of crypto securities

eWpG compliant issuance infrastructure for crypto securities
Integrate your own frontend using our API
Use the liability umbrella of your choice
Comprehensive management tool with automated backend processes
The most flexible integration of crypto securities
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