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Cashlink Technologies is a Frankfurt-based FinTech and offers Europe's leading infrastructure for tokenization solutions.

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The easy access to DLT-powered capital markets

Our vision is to enable players in the financial industry to easily access DLT-powered capital markets, easily issue truly digital financial products and provide better investment opportunities, easier corporate/innovation financing and the enabling of greater economic opportunity for everyone, everywhere. That’s why we, at Cashlink, built a solution which lowers the barriers for accessing DLT-powered capital markets dramatically. 

Vision von Cashlink

The Cashlink way

Our company’s blockchain-based infrastructure makes it possible to issue individually configurable crypto securities, such as bonds, certificates or profit participation rights, completely digitally. For the process of securities tokenization, we provide a regulated all-in-one infrastructure solution that covers the entire value chain from both a technical and regulatory perspective. Our company’s blockchain-based infrastructure makes it possible to issue individually configurable crypto securities, such as bonds, certificates or profit participation rights, completely digitally.


Evolving from a P2P payment start-up to a tokenization solution

After pivoting from being a P2P payment start-up, we started the Cashlink tokenization solution in late 2018. After focusing on issuing tokenized company shares in the beginning, we incrementally moved from niche to niche and moved up the ladder of tokenization products.

Currently we have one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market and empower our clients to benefit from tokenization. Is it API solutions or whitelabel software – the Cashlink solution covers the whole value chain while providing clients with all they need. Our technological and regulatory compliant are easy to set up and our basic products can be implemented within 4 – 6 weeks. 


What we have achieved so far

We are the winner of the FinTech Germany Award in the Category Blockchain and receive support from renowned investors such as the listed VC Finlab AG and the Maschmeyer Group. 

Fintech Germany Award Winner 2021 - Blockchain
Fintech Germany Award Winner 2020 - Blockchain
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Our innovative team

Michael Duttlinger
Founder & CEO

Michael Duttlinger

As an expert in asset tokenization and distributed ledger technology (DLT), Michael Duttlinger actively works with regulators, banks and FinTechs to strengthen Germany’s and Europe’s position in innovative technologies.


Lars Olsson
Founder & CPO

Lars Olsson

Lars Olsson is Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Cashlink. He leads the development and implementation of tokenization solutions and digital asset management.


Dorette Daume

Dorette Daume

With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Dorette Daume leads Cashlink’s financial and operational management and manages tokenization projects for corporates and banks.


Simon Censkowsky
Senior BizDev Manager

Simon Censkowsky

Simon Censkowsky has been working in the field of digital assets since 2016 and is an expert in tokenization and DLT-based capital markets. As Senior Manager at Cashlink, he leads the development of DLT-based financial market infrastructure for fintechs and banks.


Florian Mücke
Senior BizDev Manager

Florian Mücke

Florian Mücke has extensive expertise in the field of digital assets and, in his role as Senior BizDev Manager at Cashlink, is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and its cooperations.


Benedikt Scheungraber
CMO / Head of Growth & Consulting

Benedikt Scheungraber

Benedikt Scheungraber has more than 10 years of fintech experience and is responsible for Cashlink’s growth as Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Growth & Consulting.


Jenni Milinovic
Head of Legal & Compliance

Jennifer Milinovic

With her extensive legal and compliance experience, Jennifer Milinovic is Senior Manager Legal & Compliance at Cashlink.


…and many more


What defines us

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We love complex Problems

We love to solve complex problems and master them together as a team.

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Challenge the Status Quo​

We don’t settle for convenience and question everything to achieve the most efficient solutions.

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Team before Ego

We value the success of the team more than personal success. With our combined knowledge and strength we are in a position to achieve much greater goals.

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Fairness & Win-Win Situations

For us, both are of great importance – so whether we are looking at a deal or a problem, sustainable partnerships are our utmost priority.


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Simon Censkowsky

Simon Censkowsky

Senior Manager Strategic Business Development