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Our robust and accessible infrastructure connects the distribution and asset side. Fully regulated and technically secure, we support the growth of our partners.

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What you need to know about our Partner Program

What is Cashlink Connect?

Cashlink Connect connects asset issuers with strong distribution partners from our network via our neutral infrastructure. In this way, we exploit network effects that open up new opportunities for both the asset and the distribution side, while our partner companies remain technically and economically independent and can concentrate fully on their core business.
Establish yourself as an issuer and/or distribution platform and benefit from the valuable network effects of Cashlink Connect.

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For issuers

As an issuer, you have the option of tokenizing your assets via Cashlink as a crypto-value security in accordance with the German Electronic Securities Act (eWpG). Our comprehensive product packages cover your individual infrastructure requirements. Distribute your assets via Cashlink Connect’s experienced distribution partners and benefit from network effects for efficient and profitable asset distribution.

For distribution partners

As a distribution partner, you have access to a wide range of assets from participating Cashlink Connect issuers and can distribute them through your own channels. Through the partnership, you earn commissions for each successfully distributed asset and benefit from the valuable network effects. Together we will find the right assets for you.

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Why you should join the German market leader


Higher assets under management

Increase your assets under management through external distribution partners.

Increased sales power

As part of our network, you increase your visibility and benefit from the strong sales power of our partners.

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More commission income

As a sales partner, you earn from every successful transaction.

Increased product variety

Expand your product portfolio with our asset partners and offer your customers unique product access.


Discover our partners

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Deutsche Börse Venture Network

„With Cashlink Connect, Cashlink is now taking the next pioneering step in the area of tokenized assets. With our investment platform for curated art, we are participating in the partner program and have already been able to benefit from the strong sales power of the distribution partners."

Julian Kutzim
CO-Founder Arttrade GmbH

"Cashlink Connect plays a crucial role in realizing WIWIN's vision of promoting the sustainability transition and making impact investing accessible to the masses. Through Cashlink's standardized and regulated securities infrastructure, asset managers, family offices and other distribution partners can be seamlessly connected to our platform."

Nima Saber
Partner Manager Wiwin GmbH


asked questions

After registering as an asset platform, we will work together to identify and validate your business idea, structure the project and bring in our expertise and network. After contractual agreement, we will set up a realistic project plan and onboard you to our infrastructure.

After registering as an Asset Distribution Partner, we will identify your goals and assets that would fit your business. We will connect you to the asset platforms of your choice and help you set up the necessary contracts and infrastructure to work together.

In order to be able to offer your investors assets from the Cashlink network, you must become a Trusted Distribution Partner. This requires, among other things, an investment broker license for securities brokerage. The Cashlink Partner Management Team will be happy to help you set this up.

In general, yes. Once you have decided on an asset, we will provide you with all the necessary product details so that you can set up and configure an online investment process for the asset. In the next step, we will send you the access data for Cashlink’s partner APIs. The access data is different for each asset.

There are no costs for registering for cashlink connect. the initial consultation with your contact person is free of charge. in the further process, remuneration models and contracts are drawn up with your partners in which the costs are itemized.

  1. Decrease costs: Cost benefits through a more efficient value chain and the elimination of intermediaries.
  2. Increase revenue: 

    Distribute tokenized products and earn from provisions from issuers and trading fees from transactions.

  3. Increase efficiences: Great automation potential and simpler life cycle management ensure an efficient overall process.

  4. Extend product offering: Offer your clients a wide range of financial products and differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract a wider range of investors.
  5. Competitive edge: Build on the latest regulatory compliant technology and gain competitive advantage compared to laggards.

Get connected

Our robust and accessible infrastructure connects the distribution and asset side. Fully regulated and technically secure, we support the growth of our partners.

Cashlink Connect Logo