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Produkt-Pakete von Cashlink
Produkt-Pakete von Cashlink

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Investment platforms, asset managers and financial institutions rely on our solution

Investment platforms

Through our infrastructure for tokenized assets, we enable investment platforms to offer tokenized assets of any kind to their clients. Our customers already offer numerous investments in the area of collectibles, renewable energies and real estate.

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Asset Manager

Real estate, sustainable investments, collectibles or alternative assets – Cashlink’s infrastructure enables the tokenisation of your asset portfolio. The innovative blockchain technology democratises assets and opens them up to small investors.

Financial institutions

Both blockchain technology and the resulting tokenization of assets are continuously disrupting the financial market. Through the Cashlink infrastructure, financial institutions can continuously benefit from the technical advances of blockchain-based capital market infrastructure and its savings effects.

"Cashlink's unique infrastructure is a substantial building block that enables our "Tokenization as a Service". In particular, the holistic infrastructure solution with its combination of technology and regulatory capabilities is a great fit for our full-service offering around asset tokenization."

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