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Cost savings potential of DLT based capital market infrastructures

A quantitative analysis.

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22-85% potential cost savings

Experts from FinPlanetCashlink and Porsche Consulting have conducted a comprehensive study to analyze the potential cost savings that can be realized through the use of DLT in the capital market. To this end, the costs of a conventionally issued bearer bond were compared with a crypto security as defined by the eWpG along the entire value chain of a capital market transaction.

The study shows that the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the capital market enables significant cost savings.

The authors of the study chose an independent “bottom-up” approach in order to be able to draw conclusions about the cost items from the processes involved in a capital market transaction. To evaluate the costs, capital market experts and market participants were interviewed and price and service specifications were analyzed. The study comes to the conclusion that a DLT-based capital market infrastructure can realize cost savings potential of up to 85% in the middle and back office processes by 2028 compared to the existing capital market infrastructure. Even today, there is already potential for cost savings of up to 22%, depending on the underlying assumptions.

The study also shows that the savings potential lies mainly in the middle and back office processes. In particular in the Corporate Actions & Asset Servicing and Clearing & Settlement processes.


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