Cashlink joins forces with brainbot to intensify security research

Foto von Benedikt Scheungraber
Benedikt Scheungraber
Aug 25, 2023
Logos of Cashlink and brainbot

brainbot, a prominent web3 venture builder and smart contract security research firm, and Cashlink, the market leader for asset tokenization infrastructure in Germany with more than 180 issuances, are delighted to announce their collaboration to reinforce the security and reliability of Cashlink’s infrastructure through smart contract code reviews and continuous security research.

As the adoption of blockchain technology accelerates, it is crucial for platforms like Cashlink to implement robust security measures to ensure the protection of its clients’ assets and maintain trust within the digital asset community.

brainbot’s Expertise in Security Research

brainbot has earned an exceptional reputation for its security research and web3 development expertise. brainbot CEO Heiko Franßen emphasized “With a team of experienced smart contract security professionals and blockchain engineers, brainbot has conducted numerous successful smart contract code reviews. Since we started to build web3 ventures in 2014, security has been the main priority in our own development efforts and now, we also pass on the expertise and experience gained to our clients.”

Cashlink’s CEO Emphasizes Continuous Audits

Michael Duttlinger , CEO of Cashlink, highlighted the significance of the collaboration: “Continuous smart contract code reviews are an integral part of our security measures at Cashlink. We believe that collaborating with brainbot will reinforce the reliability of our platform, safeguard our client’s assets, and solidify our position as a leading provider of tokenized asset infrastructure.”

Partnership Highlights

To start off this strategic partnership, brainbot conducted a thorough audit of Cashlink’s latest smart contracts to identify potential vulnerabilities and suggest best practices for enhanced security. In the future, brainbot will serve as an ongoing partner for the development of the platform, providing continuous security assessments and recommendations for future updates and improvements.

Looking Towards a Secure Future

brainbot and Cashlink share a common vision of fostering a secure and user-centric digital asset ecosystem. By combining their expertise and resources, this partnership aims to set new standards for security practices in the asset tokenization industry, ensuring the protection and confidence of Cashlink’s clients.

Both companies are excited about the collaboration and the positive impact it will have on the broader blockchain community. This joint effort marks a significant step towards creating a robust and secure environment for the thriving digital asset landscape.