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Cashlink provides you with the all-in-one
software solution for the tokenization of securities.

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The disruption of the capital markets

capital markets are inefficient, expensive and paper-based
Capital Markets of today are highly fragmented, paper based, cumbersome, inefficient and expensive due to information asymmetry and gatekeepers. High competition and dropping margins contribute to the situation.
Disruption by tokenization

Through tokenization a fundamental disruption of capital markets is happening. Capital Markets are being digitized in the backend in order to deliver more seamless, efficient, and scalable processes.  Players in the financial industry are now changing their infrastructure in order to gain technological advantages and to be part of Capital Markets 2.0.

The all-in-one
tokenization solution

We provide you with an end-to-end software solution that covers each step necessary for the tokenization of assets. Covering everything from pre-issuance consulting to trading on secondary markets, our all-in-one solution enables you to be part of the capital market of tomorrow.


Your advantages of tokenization


Lower cost

By mapping securities on the blockchain, many expensive intermediate parties become superfluous. Thus, the costs in each step are much lower than compared to traditional securities.


Quicker settlement

The blockchain technology digitizes existing, often still paper-based processes. The speed of transactions increases considerably through the use of tokenized securities.



The digitization of securities drastically simplifies the transfer of assets. Assets that were previously illiquid can easily and securily be transferred worldwide 24/7.


More transparency

Transactions are stored unchangeably and transparently on a blockchain. They are therefore securely traceable at any time. This strengthens the trust between participants in the market.

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Generate long-term competitive advantages through significant cost savings. Contact our expert team now to learn more about the cost efficiencies tokenization brings and get your free copy of our pricing report. 

Trusted by established organisations

Investment platforms

Investment platforms have the possibility to integrate the Cashlink solution into their existing system via our API or as a white label solution. This reduces costs and increases efficiency. We at Cashlink take over the handling and further development of the blockchain infrastructure for you and your platform. Turn investments into liquid securities – profit from more revenue and new customer groups!

Financial institutions

Taking a step towards the future together. Banks become innovation drivers with the tokenization solution of Cashlink. Securities transactions are significantly improved by our infrastructure since costs for issuance, settlement and clearing are massively reduced. In addition, there is no longer a settlement risk and fiduciary functions are no longer required.

The software
for your tokenization project

We know how important it is to keep the focus on your core business. Therefore we provide you with an all-in-one software-as-a-service solution that covers the complete tokenization process. Our software covers distribution, registry management, secondary markets and custody.  This way, you profit from advantages of tokenization while being able to keep the focus on your core business.


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Every project is different. That is why we offer a flexible solution, which can be individually configured and adapted

Our all-in-one service

With Cashlink, you get an “all-in-one” solution for the complete value chain of digital securities. All necessary components for your tokenization project are directly available through us and our partnerships.

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Customize your solution

Our product offering is set up in modules. This allows full customization, which can be fitted to your individual needs. Our experts will assist you choosing the relevant modules for you, so no technical knowledge is necessary.

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Our team of experts will be happy to answer your questions about the cashlink solution and possible applications. Find out how tokenization benefits your business case! 

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Learn more about tokenization and its potential in an individually tailored workshop hosted by our DLT-experts from Cashlink. With these workshops, you learn more about the possibilities and chances of tokenization, while the content is individually fit to your industry. 

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