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Build your own platform with our Investment Platform API while we take care of your back office processes.


Design your own platform with total flexibility

With this package, you have the freedom to flexibly design your investment platform while we take care of the back office processes. In this way, you benefit from all the advantages of tokenization and remain as flexible as possible.

Cashlink Studio

The online dashboard for platform admins to manage distribution processes.

Cashlink Brokerage

Your distribution integration: your customized Frontends with our regulated backend processes.

Crypto Securities Registry

Lifecycle management of securities from issuance to withdrawal.

All functions, one API

With our Investment-Platform API we offer you all backoffice functions for your platform in one interface.

Adin Dashboard Cashlink Studio

Investment insights in real time​

You can monitor all investments for your respective product in real time and get detailed insight into individual investments.

Your frontend, our API.

The Investment Platform API can be easily integrated into your own frontend and therefore offers you limitless possibilities to customize the frontend according to the wishes of the end users.

Benefits of the Investment-Platform API Solution


Our crypto securities registry

The crypto securities registry stores ownership of crypto securities, providing a regulated and decentralized registry.

Cashlinks Lizenz als Resgister für elektronische Wertpapiere

"Cashlink offers a unique blockchain-as-a-service solution for issuing securities, managing them and easily complying with regulatory requirements."

Samuel Gassauer


Further solutions

Ranging from its own platform to the simple integration of crypto securities

All-In-One Solution

The comprehensive solution for your tokenization project

eWpG compliant issuance infrastructure for crypto securities
Frontends tailored for your platform in line with your corporate design
Fully integrated KYC/AML compliance, custody and investment brokerage partners
Comprehensive management tool with automated backend processes
Time to market achievable in less than 6 weeks
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Registry-as-a-Service API

The most flexible integration of crypto securities

eWpG compliant issuance infrastructure for crypto securities
Integrate your own frontend using our API
Use the liability umbrella of your choice
Comprehensive management tool with automated backend processes
The most flexible integration of crypto securities
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One API - all functions.
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With the Cashlink Investment Platform API, you can implement your platform in the shortest time possible. We are pleased to advise you.